Quality Assurance

When it comes to Quality Assurance, Sysco leads the way. Our more than 100 QA professionals represent the largest, most active department in the industry. Together, they are dedicated to one goal: to deliver products that meet the most stringent standards in terms of quality, safety, and consistency.

Sysco brand products are evaluated for flavor, appearance, nutrition, packaging, convenience and many other factors to make sure our customers receive the best quality and value available.

Supplier Approval

All potential Sysco brand suppliers must pass strict auditing and inspection processes that exceed current government standards. Suppliers are audited for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliance, sanitation, pest control, foreign materials prevention and more. Suppliers of high-risk products once approved are audited regularly by Sysco QAstafftoensure ongoing compliance.

Packaging Integrity

Sysco is an industry leader in packaging criteria, transparency and labeling practices. All Sysco brand products are clearly labeled with nutritional information, ingredients, production/ use-by dates, potential allergens, and proper handling, storage, and distribution information

Verification and Monitoring

After passing our Supplier Approval Process, we routinely monitor suppliers’ product quality and food safety systems to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Recall Notification

In the event of a recall, Sysco uses the industry’s most sophisticated and accurate notification system to investigate and react to recall notices and safety concerns immediately.

Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain

To ensure the best in food safety, quality, and freshness, our cold chain is never broken. Every Sysco product passes through numerous temperature control points, including fully insulated, multi-temperature trailers; transport temperature monitoring by specially trained Sysco Delivery Associates; chilled docks; and designated temperature zones within every warehouse.

Continuous Cold Chain Process


Quality is more than a promise. It's assured.

You can always rely on Sysco to deliver consistent quality with every order. That’s because we have more than 100 QA professionals committed to maintaining the most stringent standards in terms of food quality, consistency, and food safety. That’s by far the largest and most active QA department in the industry. But Sysco’s commitment to quality extends well beyond a strong QA Department. We have more than 40,000 employees—from drivers and Marketing Associates to loaders and receivers—that are fully invested in providing the highest quality products and services available today.
We go to great lengths to ensure that our suppliers and our state-of-the-art distribution warehouses maintain the highest standards, often above and beyond government regulations. Additionally, we routinely monitor product quality and food safety systems to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.
To many in the food industry, our efforts may seem extreme. Even obsessive. To us, it’s all in a day’s work. Because at Sysco, our QA Department is dedicated to one mission: to deliver great products that meet the most stringent standards in terms of quality, safety, and consistency.
With Sysco, quality is assured—from fresh to finish.

Sysco Food Safety Program Manager

Eric Hill from our Columbia office is our Food Safety Program Manager (FSPM) and is responsible for providing proactive leadership and instruction in the area of Food Safety. Eric has been with Sysco for 19 years and has been HACCP Certified(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for 12 years and a Certified Auditor one year.


Serving you with Food Safety in Mind

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)/Food Safety Program Manager (FSPM): Verification

*Eric Hill is also our HACCP Coordinator and manages the HACCP plans that control the following types of hazards within Sysco Distribution Centers:

  • Biological - bacteria, viruses and parasites Chemical - chemical, pesticides, cleaning agents and allergens
  • Physical - natural objects (bones, animal hair) agricultural objects (dirt, leaves) foreign objects (glass, brittle plastics, and metal)
  • Allergenic - food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanut, wheat, soybean, sesame and celery seeds (Canada-Mustard)
  • Radiological - food is grown in areas that may result in radiological contamination
  • Intentional - an individual purposefully contaminates a product *Our Food Safety Program Manager verifies that products come from approved, properly inspected and licensed sources.

Temperature Monitoring

FSPM Verified:

  • Time Temperature Recorders(TTR) - results are verified for cold chain temperature monitoring on loads of temperature-sensitive and high-risk foods
  • *Product Temperatures - taken at receiving/approved return
  • *Product Temperatures - are collected at each stop by drivers on a Rotating Schedule
  • *Storage and Receiving Thermometers - calibrated, monitored and verified.
  • *Sample Transportation - proper temperature controls are in place and monitored using a TTR with the capability of uploading temperature data from remote locations.

Associate Training

FSPM Leading in Learning:
*FSPMs deliver, track and verify performance of associated Food Safety Training for key roles and leadership for the following Associates

  • Receiver inspects incoming products
  • Put Away and Storage places product in correct temperature zones to prevent cross contact
  • Selector gathers products based on customer orders
  • Loader loads product to be delivered to Sysco customers
  • Driver delivers products to customers
  • Will Call Associate prepares orders to be picked up by customers at the OpCo

3rd Party & Internal Audits

Sysco Columbia's FSPM is Responsible for:

  • *Conducting internal audits using Corporate Food Safety Policies and standard operating procedures (SOP) to objectively evaluate performance and provide feedback
  • *Acting as a Sysco Representative during USDA, FDA, and Shellfish Regulatory Audits
  • *Training drivers to correctly execute the Sysco Delivery SOP and prepare for 3rd Party Audits such as UL Ever clean TM
  • *Preparing, auditing and verifying the execution of the operations in accordance with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standards
  • *Being the Sysco liaison and representative during Annual BRC OpCo Audits
  •  *BRC score of 98.2%